The Defeat of COVID: 500+ medical studies show what works & what doesn't

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by Dr Colleen Huber

"This book is the roadmap out of the pandemic." "The turning point from disaster to strategy."

COVID is wrecking lives, quality of life, the economy and healthcare in the US and much of the northern hemisphere. Yet Uttar Pradesh, as well as many countries in Africa, Latin America and Scandinavia got it right. They defeated COVID.

How did they succeed? The Defeat Of COVID shows how and why successful measures against COVID are working. Written for the broadly educated layperson, backed by over 500 medical and scientific endnotes, this book has been described as follows:

"Dr. Huber's book is the most thoroughly researched on COVID."
"One of the earliest voices on Team Reality."
"This is the book Dr. Fauci should have written."
"This book is the roadmap out of the pandemic."