Dangerous Beauty

Dangerous Beauty

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This book will change the way you look at cosmetics and personal care products. Based on 10 years of research, and including more than 500 scientific references, it puts the truth about cosmetics and personal care products at your fingertips.

First published 20 years ago as a 60-page pamphlet, more than 50,000 copies have sold in Australia alone.

Science has now shown an even clearer link between the toxic chemicals hidden in these products and chronic illness, especially breast cancer. While there may be only small amounts of chemicals added to these products, they are applied many times each day—by men, women, adolescents and children—and directly to the skin.

Chronic health conditions linked with these products include skin conditions, asthma and allergies, weight gain, diabetes and metabolic syndrome, as well as skin and prostate cancers. Many of the toxic chemicals added to cosmetics and personal care products are quickly and efficiently absorbed through the skin and into the blood and can play havoc with your hormones, leading to an increase in hormone-related cancers, thyroid dysfunction and reproductive difficulties in both males and females.

By reading this book, you will learn not only about the health problems associated with cosmetics and personal care products, but also which chemicals and products you can avoid, and what to look for in a safer product. Making safer choices can go a long way to improving your health.

There is now just too much evidence to ignore.