Ticklish - New Ways to Help Your Child Learn, Love & Play

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Ticklish, by Dr Jennifer Barham-Floreani.

"I've experienced first-hand how Dr Jennifer's knowledge and passion for vitality can change lives... Ticklish is a must-read for all parents - wonderfully practical, chock full of the latest research on child development and written by one of Australia's best health authorities. So get tickling!" -Gorgi Coghlan.

This book is for you if you...

  • Are keen to learn how being playful can enhance your child's potential.
  • Would like to help your child be the healthiest, happiest and cleverest version of themselves that they can possibly be.
  • Are eager to learn how to protect your child's health or re-strengthen their health for their changing world.
  • Want to truly enjoy your child in all their magnificence.
  • Know that parenting is the toughest but most rewarding and important work you will ever do in your life!!
Pages: 175
Dimensions: 15.3cm x 22.9cm
ISBN: 978-1-4478-7302-0