The Need for a Balanced Approach to Detoxification - by Andrew de Waard (LW1)

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There can be little doubt as to the dire status of

environmental health in the modern age. Everywhere

we look, we find symptoms of a planet under chemical assault,

and nowhere is this more evident than in the health of its

human inhabitants. We are constantly assailed with a seemingly

endless concoction of toxic waste, vapours, fumes and sludge

that have been allowed to escape from the so-called ‘closed’

systems in which they were designed to operate. Sometimes,

we even willingly unleash such abominations in the vain hope,

or the arrogant presumption, that they are harmless and that no

responsibility must be taken for any consequences that may arise

as a result because surely this is a deficiency in nature, not of the


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First printed in Living Wisdom #1