The Good Wood - Caring for your Timber Floor - by Angela Petruzzi and Peter Stuedle - (LW2)

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Having gone to the trouble of sourcing an

environmentally preferable timber, such as recycled or

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, the question is how to

optimally treat and maintain it over a hopefully long life.

Commonly, we have used polyurethanes and the logic of this

is (pardon the pun) clear: good quality polyurethanes offer an

impermeable finish for as long as the surface is not worn or

broken and a hard-wearing gloss or semi-gloss surface. However,

there are many downsides, including the emission of isocyanates

and solvents during the application and curing process for the

person applying the finish and the ongoing release of low-levels

of remaining solvent over the following weeks and months for

the occupants.

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First printed in Living Wisdom #2