The choice of chocolate - by Melanie Tongmar (IV5.1)

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I am a chocoholic. I’ve been doing well now; I’ve spent 2 days without that

luscious, decadent, creamy, rich sweetness. Well, I had some chocolate cake,

but cake doesn’t really count. Nor do Smarties…they’re more like lollies…right?

Chocolate. Its history and mythology run long. Cultures were formed because of it. Trade routes were

established because of it. People have died for it. It is a food that has become an integral part of our society.

We lounge around peeling back wrappers and sigh contentedly over this wonderful decadence. It is a

luxury that everyone can afford.

But chocolate has become a political, ethical and social issue. It seems that as societies became more and

more ‘civilised’ and as our populations increased exponentially with more and more disposable income to

be spent on food in industrialised nations, the innocence of a chocolate bar has hidden a darker reality.