TGA-Government Watchdog or Drug Company Slave? (LW6)

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The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is a government body that has been given a mandate to oversee research into both the safety and the effectiveness of all drugs, medical procedures and vaccines licensed in Australia. It has many divisions and departments (including ADRAC – the Adverse Drug Reactions Advisory Committee), which are part of that oversight process.

Many times, when the safety of drugs, vaccines or any medical procedures are questioned, the first response is – the government wouldn’t have allowed this to be introduced if it weren’t first shown to be safe.

While one would like to think that this is the case, the question must be asked – how independent can the TGA possibly be when they are funded through a process known as ‘Cost Recovery’, meaning that licensing fees provide all of their operating expenses? Without new drugs and vaccines continually being licensed, the TGA simply would not have the money to continue operating and everyone who works for them would be out of a job.

First printed in Living Wisdom #6