Tan in a can - by Megan Fisher (IV5.1)

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With growing concerns over skin cancers and sun exposure,

it’s little wonder today’s UV wary consumer is helping

to make the fake tanning industry the fastest growing

market in cosmetics. The promise of flawless, sun-kissed skin

in 10 minutes using safe and harmless ingredients is hard to

resist. Colour is definitely in. The medical profession is also

becoming more vocal about the adverse effects sun-baking and

solarium tanning can have on the skin and eyes. Solarium tans

are induced by ultraviolet radiation and thus, like sun light, overexposure

can lead to the development of skin cancer, premature

skin ageing, cataract formation and other eye disorders. Most in

the medical sector consider fake tanning products to be a safer

alternative to sun exposure or the use of solariums.