Success Story - Healing Experience - by Kate Keegan (LW2)

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I am writing to share my recent experience of healing after

a regime of prayer, fasting and juices. I have given a brief

account of how I came to the decision to try juices, and a little of

my background and personal history.There are then some extracts

from the diary I kept through the 40 days I undertook the fast.

The year of 2007 was a stressful, traumatic 12 months, that saw

one daughter (Nikki) diagnosed with breast cancer, followed by

three lots of surgery and rigorous chemo. She suffered terribly

and was left much weakened and sick but cancer free. There

were accidents and deaths in the family through the year - stroke,

problem pregnancies and threatened miscarriages amongst

other family members, all in the same year as Nikki’s traumatic

journey – to the end we wondered what else could possibly

happen. We were very glad to see the end of that year, but early

in 2008 my own health seemed to deteriorate. The vague arthritic

pains and sore knees I had suffered for years flared up into acute

joint swelling and pain that steadily worsened to the point of my

being unable to walk without severe discomfort. An old facet

joint problem in my neck also flared up.

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First printed in Living Wisdom #2