Silenced Witnesses Vol 2

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MMR A Jab Too Far. The Parents' Story 2

Edited by Martin J. Walker

Publisher: Slingshot Publications London 2009
Size: 210mm H x 140mm W x 20mm T
Pages: 290

The Denial of Vaccine Damage by Government, Corporations and the Media. Written by the parents.

In July 2007 the General Medical Council (GMC), the regulatory body for doctors in Britain began the 'trial' of Dr Andrew Wakefield, Professor John Walker-Smith and Professor Simon Murch. The three doctors from the Royal Free Hospital in London were charged, each under some seventy headings, after publishing a paper in the Lancet that suggested a link between inflammatory bowel disease and regressive autism. The paper also reported that a number of the parents had told doctors that their child's inflammatory bowel disease had begun after their MMR vaccination.

The hearing was ordered by the New Labour government, whose advisors adamantly claim that there are never any adverse reactions from MMR. The single complainant was a pro-MMR journalist working for the Sunday Times. The GMC took almost four years to produce their evidence against the doctors and the hearing is now not expected to end before January 2010, making it one of the longest quasi-legal porceedings in British history. During the time of this trial the government has introduced two new vaccines both of which have poor safety testing records.

One of the major aspects of the prosecution case is that the children who were taken to the Royal Free Hospital by their parents in the mid 1990's were not ill with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and the doctors who administered to them were guilty of experimenting on physically healthy children. The parents of these vaccine damaged children all support the three doctors, but inevitably they have not been allowed a voice in the GMC hearing.

In 2003 over 1000 of these same parents had their voice denied when their court case against the vaccine producers, ten years in the making, collapsed after legal aid was withdrawn. Silenced Witnesses Vol 2 follows the first volume, in having chapters written by these parents, again giving voice to the injustice that has been done to them and their children.

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