Reducing Food Miles to Food Metres - Permaculture Perspectives and Practicalities - by Robyn Francis (LW3)

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As we reach and breach numerous converging

thresholds and tipping points (climate instability,

resource depletion and economic collapse are

simply the tip of a now rapidly melting iceberg),

what we are witnessing is a transition between

major eras of human civilisation. However, we are

not just passive onlookers; we are all players in

shaping the future of society, of our environment,

and of life as we know it on planet Earth, whether

we like it or not.

I’d be a fool to deny that some things will get worse

before they get better, but if we’re smart enough

and make the right changes soon enough, we can

survive the collapse of ‘things not sustainable’ as

we work together to shape the transition to a new

society and move towards a more sustainable or

perma-nent culture.

First printed in Living Wisdom #3