Profile in Courage - Interview with Mary Tocco by Meryl Dorey (LW3)

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Please give a brief history of when we in the

Western world started to use vaccines and how their

numbers have increased.


I am honoured to be interviewed by your group. As you know, I

have independently investigated vaccines for over 29 years. The

historical information is very important when considering what

we do today and what was done in the past. Here is an overview

of the US vaccination schedule over time and the ages when

shots were administered:


The amount of vaccines has increased from

• 1950 – 3 vaccines given between 5 and 6 years of age.

• 1983 - 10 Vaccines given up to the age of 6.

• 2002- 23 doses for 9 diseases by the age of 2

• 2007 – 36 Vaccines for 17 diseases most by the age of 2

• 2009 – 37 vaccines for 18 diseases most given by the age of 2


If you break this list down, that equates to about 81 bacterial or

viral components injected into babies.1 Here is when the different

vaccines were introduced for children (editor’s note – these dates

are slightly different to the dates when these shots were introduced

into the Southern Hemisphere):


• Polio 1954

• Smallpox 1902

• DPT mid-1940s

• MMR 1978

• Hib 1985

• Hepatitis B 1991

• Chicken pox 1995

• PVC 2002 (Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine)

• Influenza 2005

• RotaTeq 2006 (Rotavirus Vaccine)

• HPV 2007 (Gardasil - Human Papillomavirus Vaccine)


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First printed in Living Wisdom #3