Osteopathy for Chronic Pelvic Pain - by Dr Graham Lyttle - (LW2)

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In 2001, chronic pelvic pain (CPP) accounted for 10% of

all visits to gynecologists and was the reason for almost

30% of all laparoscopic studies in adults.

Last issue, we discussed the role of an osteopath in general

practice. Today, we discuss a specific and specialised

osteopathic approach for very common and sensitive female

complaints including chronic pelvic pain (CPP) with dyspareunia

(vaginal pain during intercourse), recurrent abdominal pain (RAP)

and pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) discussed below.

As an osteopath and naturopath, I focus my treatment primarily

on structural, emotional and biochemical abnormalities (using

the integrative osteopathic model). Structural imbalance as a

cause may be missed at a regular medical consultation leaving

the patient to self-diagnose. Osteopathy offers valid options that

are far more conservative than drugs or surgery.

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