Medical Myths and Health Lies that are killing us

Medical Myths and Health Lies that are killing us

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When you read this book you will realise you have been lied to and deceived by organisations that say they are looking after you. They are organisations like the drug and food companies with billions of dollars worth of vested interests in selling products or the media, public advocacy groups and foundations who are funded by these big companies and even governments who give into pressure from these large, rich and influential lobby groups. Since we have been following their advice we have been getting sicker and sicker and it is costing us more and causing more suffering. We take more drugs than ever before from our GP’s and have higher death rates of these same diseases than ever before. When there are large sums of money involved there is corruption at all levels. In this book you will find a good dose of common sense and wisdom backed up by 1000 scientific references. Amongst many things you will learn why big selling drugs to lower cholesterol or depression, margarine, milk and nutritional advice from the government for the last 40 years is not good for you and why cholesterol, animal fat, butter and salt are not bad for you and why supplementation and questioning all the information you get is good for you. Don’t confuse science with medicine they are very different things. Finally you will understand why it is so hard to get correct and honest information including Dr Dingle’s own personal story of persecution because he tells the truth.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
This famous quote, widely attributed to author and statesman Edmund Burke, can aptly be applied to Dr Peter Dingle. In a field where it is almost de rigueur to toe the line on matters concerning medical or pharmaceutical practices and treatments, Dr Dingle is one of the few good people who has the courage to speak the truth; sadly this has been at enormous cost to him personally.

In his latest book, Medical Myths and Health Lies that Are Killing Us, Dr Dingle exposes the cosy arrangements that not only generate huge financial windfalls for big pharmaceutical and processed food companies but also protect inept and sometimes lethal practices by those in charge of our health.

This is an important although confronting book. Anyone with an interest in his or her own health, or the wellbeing of friends and family, should read it. Written in a brutally honest “no holds barred” manner, this is a masterpiece of facts and truth. Compulsory reading.

I commend this book to you.