Is My Head On Straight - by Greg Buchanan (LW7)

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First, let me tell you a bit about myself. Until September

2000, I was employed by Microsoft as its Technical

Director for the Asia-Pacific region. I resigned my position

due to the effects of an illness I acquired (as described

herein). I have been involved in the computer or technicalrelated

industries for over 30 years now. Apart from

Microsoft, I worked with companies like Informix, Apple

Computer, Texas Instruments and Pirelli-Ericsson. I am

a bachelor degree-qualified electrical engineer, with a

further postgraduate degree in finance and a Masters in

Business Administration. I have worked for some innovative

companies. These companies taught me a great deal and

influenced my approach to doing business, challenging

the status quo, asking questions, searching for answers and

resolving complex problems. As a result of my technical

background I have a keen understanding of computers,

control systems and electronics.

Much of what I have learnt in the past 30 years working with

computers and control systems has an uncanny resemblance

to my more recent learning of the workings of the human

body – especially the nervous system.

I have always been actively involved in sport from an early

age, playing it at representative levels, and have never

been overweight or had any medical problems to speak of.

I have ridden surfboards for most of my life, played rugby

union, rugby league, Australian rules, and touch football,

done karate and participated in many other sports. Thus, it

was quite disturbing and almost unbelievable that when I

needed help from doctors in relation to a condition I seemed

to have acquired, they would dismiss my condition as simply

a ‘normal’ part of the ageing process. It was this response

from doctors and a lot of other ‘rubbish’ that would test

my perseverance, resilience and patience and cause me to

commence a journey of discovery. This journey would see

me not only arriving at the end of my own suffering, but also

allow me to help other people rid themselves of their pain

and suffering.

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First printed in Living Wisdom #7