Exercise: Balancing Safety and Effectiveness - by Dan Williams (LW2)

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Exercise, almost by definition is hard. To cause the body

to adapt via an increase in strength, cardiovascular

endurance, flexibility, or any other facet; a stimulus must be

applied. Not only must this stimulus be applied, but to facilitate

this improvement, it must be of a greater magnitude than

previous stimuli.

The best way to understand this concept is to compare it to

the changes in skin colour when sunlight is applied. Imagine

spending a day in the sun on the first day of summer. With your

skin not adapted to this ultra-violet light, it burns. As a protective

mechanism, your skin responds by becoming darker, and so

protects it from damage on day 2. While in no way advocating

excessive sun exposure, this example is perfectly analogous to

the specific adaptation caused by an imposed demand on the


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First printed in Living Wisdom #2