A Compromised Generation

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This book talks about the effects of environmental toxins on American children - more than 50% of whom now suffer from at least one chronic condition. But here in Australia, 40% of our children are being treated for chronic conditions and that figure is not getting smaller.

Seemingly benign elements of our culture are making millions of children chronically ill, disabled or dysfunctional. They are being diagnosed with illnesses such as autism, asthma, allergies, diabetes and ADHD at a breathtaking rate. Research shows that decades of pharmaceutical over-usage, toxic or nutritionally anaemic diets, exposure to environmental toxins, certain modern habits and lifestyles and excessive or improperly administered vaccines are at the root of these illnesses. This book provides details on how to reverse these epidemics and prevent more children from becoming ill, supplying evidence that we can help children recover from chronic illnesses, including autism, by altering their environmental influences and by stepping outside the traditional Western medical paradigm.

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