Pertussis: The Fear Factor - by Meryl Dorey (LW3)

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Fear is one of the most effective marketing tools –

advertising gurus have known this for many years. If you

can make someone afraid, they will buy what you have to sell

without thinking too much or asking too many questions.


Seth Godin, author of Permission Marketing and All Marketers are

Liars, states that, “Marketing with fear is a powerful tool. Fear is a

universal emotion, it’s viral and people will go to great lengths

to make it go away. Some items can’t be marketed without fear.

Seat belts, for example. They’re not convenient, good tasting, fun

to use or profitable. Fear works great in this case. …What if the

marketer not only doesn’t create peace of mind, but intentionally

destroys it for his own benefit? Sometimes, fear is used as a

marketing tactic even if it doesn’t benefit the prospect at all.”


First printed in Living Wisdom #3