How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor

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Putting parents back in control of their childrens health

by Dr. Robert Mendelsohn

Publisher: Ballantine Books, USA, 1987

ISBN: 0-345-34276-3

Paperback, 105mm x 173mm, 283 Pages


Dr.Robert Mendelsohn has dedicated his life to demystifying the medical profession, both as a renowned pediatrician for nearly thirty years and as the widely read author of Confessions of a Medical Heretic and other books.

In this practical and informative guide, he turns his expertise to his own speciality, maintaining that parents tend to rely too heavily on their pediatricians and that they can take a more active role in determining which ailments require an office visit and which can be dealt with at home.

Learn how to treat and diagnose at home: everyday colds and flus; childhood illnesses; strep throat; vision and hearing problems; skin ailments; and everything else you'll need to know about major symptoms and illnesses.


  • A complete section on picking the right doctor for your child
  • Comprehensive guidelines for using time-honored, age-old remedies
  • All the facts about immunization
  • Step by step instuuctions for knowing when you should call a doctor.
  • Detailed information for coping with accidental injuries.
  • With Dr. Mendelsohn's help, you can trust your instincts.