From Runny Noses to Nappy Rash - Ayurvedic for Children - by Wendy Rosenfeldt (LW7)

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Caring for babies and young children can at times seem overwhelming. New parents often feel out of their depth when confronted by the ever-changing health issues of their young child. Knowledge of Ayurveda and the theory of doshas is a useful tool for understanding your child’s physiology and the dietary and environmental influences on it.

According to Ayurvedic wisdom, everything can be understood in terms of the three governing principles of nature: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Vata dosha is like the wind and has the qualities of being light, dry, quick, changeable, cold and rough. It governs all movement in the universe and can be seen in the bodily functions of thinking, speaking, circulation and elimination. Pitta is like fire and shares its hot, sharp, intense qualities and the colours of red, orange and yellow. It is responsible for all energy processes that take place, from the heat of the sun to the metabolism in our bodies. Kapha is comprised of water and earth and has its earthy qualities: slow, heavy, stable, moist and cold. It gives structure to the world around as well as to our human bodies and provides lubrication and growth to our physiology.

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First printed in Living Wisdom #7