Chiropractic-Active Parenting for Healthy Children - by Darren Little & Rebecca Bowring (LW2)

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Despite the widespread misconceptions of mainstream

media, conscientious objection to vaccination is not an

act of laziness, ill-education or obstinacy on the part of parents,

but rather the beginning of a long road of very active parenting.

The same research and preparation that goes in to ‘birth-plans’

and ‘desired birthing outcomes’ is even more poignant when it

is applied to the health and wellbeing of our tiny charges. We

have a responsibility to teach and encourage our children to be

healthy from an early age, making decisions for them initially

and guiding them towards making better health choices for

themselves as they mature.

So how are parents expected to negotiate their way around the

ever-changing minefield that is ‘good health practices’ at any

given moment? What tools do we have to support our decision

to take active responsibility for the health of our families? The

first port of call for most people in this situation is the internet.

Though this tool may be convenient, it is also often confusing

and can be at worst alarmist. The overabundance of information,

often conflicting in nature, can lead down unnecessary and

fruitless paths and perhaps even cause needless doubt about the

reasons for investigating in the first place. GPs rarely support the

decision not to vaccinate, at best being ambivalent and/or wiping

their hands of such ‘radical’ parenting styles. Wouldn’t it be great

if they at least suggested a health-care practitioner that could

support our children’s wellbeing and our active role as parents?

First printed in Living Wisdom #2