Genetically Engineered Food - The threat on our dinner plate - by Louise Sales (LW3)

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What are genetically engineered foods?

In Australia, the four main genetically engineered ingredients

are derived from GE soy, corn, canola and cotton. Australia is

currently growing GE cotton only (cottonseed oil is common

in deep-frying), and now GE canola, which will start making its

way into the food chain for the first time this year. GE soy and

corn are grown, processed and imported from other countries.

GE ingredients are commonly found in items like bread, pastries,

snack foods, baked goods, vegetable oils, margarine, starches,

thickeners, sauces, fried foods, soy foods, lecithin, sweets, soft

drinks and sausage skins. But GE food can take many forms. In

fact, the majority of GE crops are used as feed for farm animals.

We then eat the milk, meat and eggs from those animals. GE food

enters the food chain at various levels.

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First printed in Living Wisdom #3