Can We Manage Autism

Can We Manage Autism? Yes We Can!

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By Jan Brenton

Jan Brenton wrote this book primarily for parents of children somewhere on the autism spectrum but much of it is also of value to those who have allergies, asthma, eczema, dyspraxia, dyslexia and food intolerances. She wanted to collate all of the information currently available in one place for easy parental reference. The gut is known as the second brain. Poor gut function seriously affects brain function. In fact it is fair to say disease and dysfunction begin in the gut where Candida, bloating, flatulence, constipation diarrhoea and malnourishment (due to poor absorption) abound, so the first thing we think about is diet. The correct diet is the No 1 key to improving all of the above symptoms. We shall learn how to correct it. The second thing we pay attention to is finding a biomedical physician who does have something to offer our children. A GP who is a lateral thinker and knows without doubt that spectrum children and others can indeed be helped, and that it is within his or her clinical knowledge to convey to parents what to do to help their child reach their full potential. Our children are physically sick. The logical sequence the physicians follow to improve their compromised immune systems is laid out within my book. Our biomedical physician commences with taking a history of the child together with blood, urine, and hair tests the results of which enable a picture of where the child/young person is on the spectrum to be compiled. Highly nutritious mineral and vitamin supplements are prescribed which immediately begin to feed starving brains, commencing a repair work with the production of new dendrites and synapses in the brain: a high priority in autism therapy. The 2nd Edition of "can we manage autism ~ YES we can" is now available. Following the Logical Sequence physicians and parents have proven to be the most successful for the maximum number of spectrum children, it has been updated with the latest protocols. There is more emphasis on diet changes, and detailed explanations on "why" we follow a biomedical pathway, together with articles from Australian experts, who over the years, have contributed to the healing of many children.