You Can Expect A Miracle: The book to change your life.

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Dr John Hinwood

The book to change your life.

Discount is applied at the checkout Publisher: EAM Publishing NSW 2008 ISBN: 978-0-9752233-8-3 Pages: 165 Size: 205mm H x 140mm W x 12mm T If you believe that miracles wont happen to you then this book will change those beliefs. You'll discover that you can have your own miracles!
  • Miracles are for everyone
  • Miracles will come your way just when you don't expect them.
  • You can get what you wish for, knowing how to wish is the secret.
  • To get your miracles you need to know what a miracle looks like To show you how easy it is in this powerful book Dr John Hinwood shares real life personal experiences of his friends and himself that will get you creating miracles in your own life. You'll discover the simple secrets and philosophies that are your stepping stones for miracle magic in you life. Dr Hinwood has been a coach, consultant and mentor for over 40 years, he has helped people around the world and in all walks of life to find their own miracles. John is a health professional by training, successful businessman by effort and an inspiration by inclination, this has given him an awesome array of practical tools for success.