Acid-Alkaline - Bring back the balance - by Ian Hamilton (IV6.1)

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In our previous issue of Informed Voice, we ran an article

by Jan Roberts regarding perceived potential risks from

using a water ioniser that creates alkaline water for

drinking. Ian Hamilton, a long-time reader of Informed

Voice, asked to give his side of this issue and we are

grateful to him for adding some balance. We here at

Informed Voice do not make decisions for our readers.

Unlike most other publications on the market, we do

not allow advertorial content nor do we talk down to or

patronise our readership. We know that you are perfectly

capable of making the best informed choices for your

families and yourselves – given access to information on

both sides – because every issue has two sides.

Ian Hamilton is a health researcher, writer and lecturer.

He is also the managing director of Alkaway.


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First printed in Informed Voice Magazine Vol 6#1