Vaccines: How do you react? by Meryl Dorey (LW4.4)

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People continue to play the lottery even though they know that their chances of winning are one in many millions. We are told that the risk of having a severe or fatal reaction to a vaccination has similar odds and as a result, many of us routinely present our children and ourselves to the doctor’s surgery for our shots and boosters.


After all, if we were considering vaccination to be a game of Russian roulette and this particular gun had several million chambers and only one of those chambers had a bullet in it, most of us would feel relatively comfortable pulling that trigger. But what if you were told that rather than one bullet, that gun had many more chambers loaded? Would you then go along with vaccination asking few or no questions?


This article, the first in a series which will inform our readers about every currently licensed childhood and adult vaccination in Australia, aims to show you that when it comes to vaccination, not only is the gun loaded, it is smoking as well.