The MMR Vaccine is Not Holy Water - by Dr Sherri Tenpenny (LW3)

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For nearly a decade, the British General Medical Council

(GMC), the equivalent of the Therapeutic Goods

Administration (TGA) on steroids, has been taking Dr Andrew

Wakefield to task for daring to suggest that autism could be

caused by the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine.

This week proved that the inquisition continues. The Times

(UK) published a report written by commissioned journalist,

Brian Deer, claiming that “confidential medical documents

and interviews with witnesses” have established that Andrew

Wakefield manipulated patients’ data.1 Deer claims that Dr

Wakefield’s “misleading and inaccurate” research about the MMR

has led to reduced vaccination rates and a resurgence of measles.

And while the bickering about the MMR continues, the number

of children who have been lost to autism continues to soar.


Before the 1990s, UK researchers estimated four to five cases of

autism per 10,000 people in their country. By 2006, the number

with autism had escalated to 39 per 10,000 and the number with

autism spectrum disorder (ASD) stood at 77 per 10,000, making

the total prevalence of all types of ASD 116 per 10,000, or one

in every 86 children.2 Barely one year later (2007), researchers at

the Cambridge University’s Autism Research Centre in London

released a report estimating that one in every 58 children in the

UK (not just boys) suffers from “some form of autism disorder”.3


First printed in Living Wisdom #3