HPV Vaccine Mysteries - by Janine Roberts (LW3)

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Why was a Nobel award given for this on 10

December 2008?


There are two licensed HPV vaccines in the world.


Merck makes Gardasil. It contains proteins said to come originally

from four different types of HPV. By early 2008, over 10 million

doses had been distributed – three-quarters of these in the USA.

These are thought to be earning the company over US$1 billion

a year – at $360 a course of three injections, far more than is

charged for the common vaccines. The other is Cervarix, made

by SmithKlein Beecham, not yet licensed for use in the USA (as of

May 2008). It contains proteins said to come from two different

types of HPV. Both vaccines contain aluminium adjuvants.

Both manufacturers recommend that women are still regularly

scanned for cervical cancer – thus the vaccine does not save

costs. In fact these scans give women far better protection than

do the vaccines.


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First printed in Living Wisdom #3