How to build a pharmaceutical factory in your back yard and grow your medicine for free - by Mike Adams (IV5.2)

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I have just completed construction on a massive pharmaceutical

factory in my own back yard. I’m not making this up. This

is absolutely true. Right now, this factory is turning out

pharmaceuticals that prevent prostate cancer, nervous system

degeneration, birth defects and Alzheimer’s disease. There is

one that helps lower bad cholesterol and one that protects the

eye from macular degeneration. I have a pharmaceutical that is

antibacterial, antifungal and excellent for skin. I have another

that’s antibacterial and antifungal and is an excellent first-aid

product. I’ve got one that increases the oxygenation of blood

cells in the blood stream and another that reduces the stickiness

of blood platelets to help prevent strokes and heart attacks. I

have a pharmaceutical that prevents the buildup of plaque in

the arteries. I have all these pharmaceuticals, including one that

helps regulate blood sugar, in my back yard right now. Best of

all, these pharmaceuticals have no negative side effects.