A Rose in Every Cheek: Denying our Kids Good Health - by Eve Hillary (LW4.4)

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I spent most of the 1970s pursuing my career in a large paediatric teaching hospital as a Registered Nurse (RN).


Of the hundreds of children I assisted in the emergency department, admissions consisted mainly of childhood accidents, upper respiratory tract infections and bellyaches. I saw countless asthmatic children but never an asthmatic baby under a year old, as routinely occurs today. The incidence of asthma has doubled since 1981. During the 1970s, relatively few children were diagnosed with cancer or leukaemia. They were usually admitted to general medical wards along with other children who had varying diagnoses. Today, there are entire paediatric oncology wards, entire floors full of children with cancers including babies under two. Today, the incidence of cancer is increasing despite early diagnosis. Since 1990, there was a 36% real increase in the incidence of cancer in Australia including childhood cancer


Eve Hillary ND BHSc.
Eve is a health professional, journalist and best selling author of Children of a Toxic Harvest and Sarah's Last Wish
She can be contacted at: www.sarahs-last-wish.com <http://www.sarahs-last-wish.com>